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Rehabilitation of a pipeline coating due to  failure is a key concern for a  pipeline operator.  The operator’s goal is to try and provide the same performance as its original.


The standard, ISO 21809-3 provides for optional materials to repair pipeline coating failures.  To determine which one is suitable for a specific project requires the expertise address the following concerns:

1. To address the true technical reason for the cause of the coating failure such as:     

  - change in geological conditions or soil stress;     

  - inconsistency in cathodic potential due to the expansion of the civil construction;     

  - coating material degradation;     

  - poor application quality during the coating application;     

  - cathodic shielding.

2. To address the best practices to have the most economic rehabilitation system such as:     

  - Is there a need to strengthen the mechanical properties before coating rehabilitation?     

  - Is it possible to shut down the pipeline to rehabilitate the coating? 

      - What is the main concern on the performance of rehabilitation system?

  - What is the most economic method to carry out the rehabilitation?     

  - The location of the rehabilitation   

  - The capacity of the recent Cathodic Protection system.


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