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Pipeline Field Joint Coating is always the biggest concern in pipeline integrity management. The historical data and track records from different projects has clearly proven that the field joint coating has a much higher breakdown factor than the mainline coating. All investigation on the field joint coating indicates that the main technical reason of the field joint coating failure is due to the poor application quality. Is that True? 


With many years of work experience in field joint coatings, our R&D team has the following key concerns:

1.    The technical requirements of the field joint coating is much weaker than the line pipe coating. When the performance of the field joint coating is lower than the line pipe coating, how is it possible to have the same breakdown factor in the same project? 

2.    The girth-weld area is about 2.5% length of the pipeline, and as such it seriously impacts the engineering design on the whole project anticorrosion system, especially on the cathodic protection calculation. 


3.    Normally the field joint coating application is based on individual manual operations with various and unquantifiable heating tools. 


4.    The main quality control and quality assurance method is to do a peel test in the field. 


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